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21 Feb

A Sunny Morning

“A Sunny  Morning” centers around Don Gonzalo and Dona Laura who were lovers in their youth. They were separated by fate. However very many years later, they meet each other in the park on a sunny morning. Though they do not recognize each other, slowly they come to realize that they were once lovers. However the usual reunion of long-lost lovers does not take place. Both are unwilling to disclose their identity.

One sunny morning Dona Laura enters the corner of a park in Madrid leaning upon the arm of her maid Petra. She is beautiful white haired old lady of about seventy. She is refined in appearance. Her mental faculties appear to be fine. She has a  parasol in her hand. She sends Petra to chat with the guard who is her lover. She feeds the pigeons with the bread crumbs.

Don Gonzalo  enters the park with Juanito.He is an old gentleman of seventy. He is gouty and impatient. He drags his feet as he walks. He leans on Juanito’s arm .Dona Laura comments that Gonzalo is an ill-natured old man, fussy and cross. He returns and sits at the extreme end of bench with the old lady .Laura is angry. She says that he should have asked her permission before sitting on the bench.  Then slowly they turn friends as they share a snuff together. He reads out poems to her. She pretends to read without the glass but only recites them by heart.

He tells her that he was from Valencia .He had spent his youth there. She tells him that she had spent several seasons in Valencia. She lived in a villa near the sea hidden among lemon and orange trees. They called it Maricella .They realize that once they were lovers but decide to hide the fact. Gonzalo remembers a  very beautiful woman who once lived  in that villa and her name was Laura. She was known as the Silver Maiden in that locality. Laura tells him that she was her best friend.   He recalls his cousin, who was her lover telling him ,of how she stood in the lighted window with the red roses.

Gonzalo describes her to be as fair as lily. She had jet black hair and black eyes. She had an uncommonly sweet expression. She was beautiful and perfect. Laura adds that she was unfortunate and had a sad love affair. The lover used to pass by on horseback every morning and toss up her balcony a bouquet of flowers which she caught. A merchant wanted to marry her but she would not permit. Then there was a duel between the two at sunrise on the beach. The merchant was badly wounded so the lover had to run away.

He went to Madrid and wrote Laura many letters. But her parents took them and she was never able to answer them, Then, in despair, his cousin  joined the army, went to Africa and died there with the flag of Spain in his hands and whispering the name of Laura. Laura tells him her friend waited for days, months, a year and no letter came. She went to the beach where he had lost the duel. She wrote his name on the sand and she was taken by the waves.

In reality Laura had married two years later and Gonzalo had run away to Paris  with a ballet dance. They find it interesting that two strangers meet to discuss the romance of old friends of long ago. They decide to meet in the park again and depart. On the way Gonzalo picks up the violets which Laura has dropped and she sees it.

Thus the usual reunion does not take place. They are both unwilling to disclose their real identity. Laura would like Gonzalo to think of her as the black eyed girl tossing flowers at him. Gonzalo would prefer to be the horse man who passed beneath her window every day. It is indeed a blend of romance and comedy.


1  to feed the pigeons in the park as a past time

2  He has  become fussy and cross being an old man . He does not get a bench to sit on and he has scared the birds away

3  No.Laura was happily married two years later. Gonzalo ran off to Paris with a ballet dance.

4. He feels he is grotesque now

Prof Pius Ozhakal

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  • anju jose

    Notes on one- act plays are useful .. thanks