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22 Jan

Love Love Love Alone by V S Naipaul

Love Love Love Alone by V S Naipaul

B.1. The sign said that the house was on sale.

B.2. Because nobody in the street knew her. She led a secluded life.

B.3. She was trying to raise herself to the standards expected of a white woman. However, she falls short and all she manages to do is to dole out fancy words and fancy pronunciations.

B.4. Because she loved him and expected him to reciprocate the love.

B.5. Loss of love when confronted with bleak reality.

B.7. Despite repeated attacks by Toni, Mrs.Hereira continued to cling on to him saying that she loved him.

B.8. That Henry Hubert Christiani has formally broken all ties with Mrs. Hereira.

B.9. She could not tolerate the clean doctor’s smell that he had.

B.10. The story ends with Mrs.Hereira returning to her husband.

C.1. Mrs. Hereira (Angela) left her doctor husband, luxurious house and its comforts and eloped (escaped) with Toni the drunkard. She stayed with him in the old mansion without even proper furniture and other facilities. She suffered his ill-treatment and violence for a long time. In spite of the narrator’s mother’s advice, Angela took care of the drunken lover. The narrator’s mother is more practical and wise. She has no patience with the romantic and sentimental notions of love that white people like Angela carry on with.  But Angela believed that he was full of love for her. At last when he set his dog on her, she could not bear it any longer. She left him and returned to her husband in spite of his renouncing her in an advertisement. Thus the mother’s wisdom prevails.

C.2. The natives were prepared to dislike the Portuguese couple even before they came. The man was called Toni and the woman was called Mrs. Hereira. The natives began to develop a liking for Mrs. Hereira and a strong dislike towards Toni. Mrs. Hereira was very pretty, well dressed and refined. But the man was the opposite. His face was ugly and full of blotches. He drank a lot of cheap rum. He was drunk practically all the time. He gave off a sickening smell of bad rum and the natives were afraid of him. The natives were also concerned about the strained relationship that existed between Toni and Mrs. Hereira. The boys in the street used to wonder how such a nice woman got mixed up with this man. During the night there was of noise in the house. Toni would be shouting and cursing in a bad language. The woman would run into the street shouting for help because she thought he was going to kill her. The natives were sympathetic towards her and once they beat Toni up.

C.3. Toni is a low class, cruel drunkard, an ex soldier who took part in the World War II and was wounded. He fell in love with Angela, the wife of his doctor. They eloped together. Toni was never able to make friends with the boys because he did not know how to. He would get up in the middle of a conversation and leave without any talk. He was always dirty. His skin looked sickly and many coloured. (use points form C.2)

C.4. The boys in Miguel street decided to do something about Toni as his behaviour got from bad to worse. Hat felt that they had to do something to check him. The neighbours got fed up with Toni as he continued his drunken ways and cruelty towards Mrs.Hereira. One evening they beat him up. Neither the boys nor Toni was angry. Toni made no efforts to return the blows. And the blows he got made no impression on him. He didn’t look frightened. He did not cry. He did not plead. He just stood up and took the blows. It was because he was stone drunk that he did not respond.

C.5. Mrs. Hereira gave the narrator’s mother certain pieces of information about herself. She said that she loved Toni and she hoped his attitude towards her would get better soon. She claimed that Toni had many good qualities. She believed that he was full of love for her. She said that they were making plans to leave Trinidad once Toni got better. One day she told the narrator’s mother that Toni grabbed a knife and was chasing her saying ‘I will kill you’. She said that it was she who took care of him when he was sick, that she gave up everything for Toni. She also said that she could not tolerate the clean doctor’s smell that her husband had. At last when he set his dog on her, she could not bear it any longer. She left him and returned to her husband in spite of his renouncing her in an advertisement.

C.6. One can only sympathise with the narrator’s mother. Mrs. Hereira, out of sympathy for a drunkard, leaves her husband and elopes with him. She is wayward and thoughtless, mistaking mere infatuation for real love. The narrator’s mother on the other hand is more discreet, practical, conservative and worldly wise. (Use points from C.1)


Copyright © Manu Mangattu, Assistant Professor, Department of English, SGC Aruvithura

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